Меню Закрыть

Equipment for cartridge case manufacturing


Press PV 100/800

Special-purpose press PV100/800 is intended for blanking of parts from strip material. More info

Furnance OKB 355

Furnace of the model ОKB-355 is intended for heat treatment of cartridge components. More info

Machine SPG-1

Machine SPG-1 is intended for manufacture of billets of 1st and 2nd drawing, for crystallization annealing of billets of 2nd drawing and further cooling. More info

Machine SPG-2

Machine SPG-2 is intended for third and fourth drawings, and for first and second cutting of cartridge case billets. More info

Machine SPG-3

Machine SPG-3 is intended for manufacture of cartridge case forming billets. More info

Machine SPG-4

Machine SPG-4 is intended for tapering of cartridge case billets. More info

Machine SPG-5

Machine SPG-5 is intended for cartridge cases machining and control. More info

Machine SPG-6

Machine SPG-6 is intended for complete automatic control of the cartridge case dimensions and visual quality inspection of cartridge case surface with further conditional rejection from the flow. More info