Меню Закрыть

Equipment For Bullet Manufacturing


Set of Equipment VR-51

Set of Equipment is intended for blanking and cupping of work pieces of bullet jacket. More info

Horizontal press VVSO

Horizontal press V VSO is intended for cold upsetting of bullet steel cores. More info

Thermochemical aggregate M-AT-1

Thermochemical Aggregate of М-АT-1 model is intended for chemical treatment of bullet jacket work piece. More info

Machine SPP-1

Machine SPP-1 is intended for manufacture of bullet jackets. More info

Machine SPP-2

Machine SPP-2 is intended for manufacture of lead jacket and preliminary bullet assembly. More info

Machine SPP-3

Machine SPP-3 is intended for assembly of bullet. More info

Aggregate M-AP

Aggregate of М-АP model is intended for wiping of cartridge bullets with sawdust. More info

Machine SPP-4

Machine SPP-4 is intended for visual quality control of bullet surface. More info