Меню Закрыть

Aggregate М-АP

Aggregate of М-АP model is intended for wiping of cartridge bullets with sawdust.

Function operations
Load of bullets and sawdust into wiping section;
Separation of sawdust;
Unload of bullets (performed during loading process).

Technical features
Manufacturing capability: 200±5 pcs per minute
Exhaust ventilation, quantity of exhausted air: 4000 m³/h
Power consumption: 1,2 kilowatt
Compressed air consumption: 0,07 m³/h
Working capacity of batcher of bunker: 10 l
Working capacity of the doser bunker: 3 l
Overall dimensions without packing, L×W×H: 1425×920×1724 mm
Own weight: 1000 kg
Level of protection: IP55